John Schultheis : The Person

Last Modified: August 30, 1999

In the Beginning.....

I was born, and I live right here in San Jose, California, in 1956. I have spent virtually all of my life here, although my family did spend a six month stint in Italy in 1963.

For those versed in these matters, I live at approximately 37 degrees 16 minutes North, 121 Degrees 51.5 minutes West.

Schools and Education


I have worked for ADAC Laboratories since 1983, making me one of the relative old-timers there. This either proves that I am extremely dedicated, or a true glutton for punishment.

ADAC Labs is a world leader in the design and manufacture of Medical Imaging computer products. We are based in Milpitas California, just north of San Jose. We also have offices all over the world. We are truly on the leading edge of technology in the diagnostic imaging world. ADAC won the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 1996, the highest quality award in American business. ADAC was the first medical company to ever win this coveted award.

I am a Senior Designer in the Mechanical Engineering Department, in the Nuclear Medicine Division. I fly a desktop PC, designing and documenting sheetmetal and cables and assemblies in AutoCAD. I am currently running Release 14. I also generate assorted assembly procedures in Microsoft Word. I am have taken some training classes on using 3D solid modeling software from SolidWorks.

Before that I spent 7 months at IBM and a little over 2 years at General Electric. I spent a few years at Watkins-Johnson, both in the Tube Division in Palo Alto and in Reconnaissance at the San Jose plant.

I have also worked at the Original Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre, and at a Round Table, a Taco Bell, and a Shell Gas station.



I am very into Photography. I love to take photographs, look at photographs, and to talk about photography. I am involved with a local photo group, and we get together for shoots, critiques, workshops, lunches and meetings every once in a while. I have generated a series of web pages to include various bits of pieces of information and opinions about various aspects of photography. You can look at my Photography Pages here. Click here to see my personal Galleries with a few of my photographs.


I am into a number of different sports. In addition there are many more that I wish I had the time to participate in. You can check out some of my favorite sports at my Sports Page.

Computer Games

I only play a few computer games, but the ones that I like, I like a lot. Here are three of my favorites. All three of these have similar requirements to gather resources, build structures, raise and train armies, and commit mass mayhem against all enemies.

Warcraft II

This is a really addictive computer game. My nephew Patrick introduced me to this game during on of my visits to Vermont. I really enjoy playing this game. I play against the computer most of the time, but I have had a few encounters versus other people over some private networks. My nephew Patrick thought he was really good, until he played against me. ("Boris" was no longer "Invincible".) I have heard of KALI, but I have never played War2 there.

The best web page I have found on Warcraft II is Methos' Warcraft II Strategy Page, although these pages are no longer being updated.


Starcraft is kind of the next generation of Warcraft, with similar strategies, but with three races instead of two. I have worked through many of the built in scenario games, but I haven't played in months, so I will have to start over again. We did set up some network games between two or three of us on occasion, but only a few times.

Dungeon Keeper

Dungeon Keeper is a very strange game, and it is hard to explain until you see it. Your goal is to build a great dungeon, attract creatures, train them to be vicious, strong and mean. Then you set them loose on the enemies, and watch them slaughter them all! Lots of gore and screams. Tons of fun.

Other Hobbies

Obviously, one of my hobbies is creating and maintaining web pages. My other favorite Hobbies include Hiking and Dancing.

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